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When you’re fighting bed bugs, you want power on your side. More power means that “kill zone” temperatures are reached quickly and uniformly around the entire treatment area. This results in the death of ALL bed bugs and bed bug eggs in faster treatment times. Heat Assault is over three times more powerful than electric units of comparable price, allowing you to get the job done right, the first time. No rework means more money in your pocket


Faster Rise to the "Kill Zone" and a Uniform Heat Treatment

Heat Assault uses forced convection technology which results in a high rate of temperature gain and a uniform spread of these temperatures across the treatment area. No bed bugs are safe when Heat Assault strikes - higher and more uniform temperatures permeate through walls and furniture more effectively, ensuring that the heat reaches every inch of the dwelling.

Lightweight And Easy To Maneuver

Electric heaters are bulky and can weigh up to 130 pounds meaning that more than one individual is required to complete a treatment. Heat Assault’s heat exchanges were designed with the end-user in mind and weigh only 25 pounds each, making them extremely easy to maneuver prior to, during and after a treatment.

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Don’t let the light weight of the heat exchangers fool you - they pack a much stronger punch than electric heaters and produce more than four times more heat! (100,000 BTU/hr vs 23,880 BTU/hr). If you’re still not convinced, let us show you!

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Heat Assault

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Electric units


The standard Heat Assault 600X produces 600,000 BTU/hr of energy while a standard electric package with a John Deere 60kW generator with 6 of their 460V Electric Bed Bug Heaters produces less than 150,000 BTU/hr of energy


(1,500 Sq Ft House)
It takes comparably priced electric units ​more than twice as long as Heat Assault to reach the "kill zone" temperature of 135°F. Heat Assault produces heat using forced convection technology meaning that heat is spread in a consistent and uniform manner. This reduces the required movement of fans and decreases treatment times substantially. 


(In a Day)
Heat Assault reaches the "kill zone" temperature in half the time that it takes conventional electric units. Additionally, Heat Assault heats to higher sustained peak temperatures. This results in faster treatment times and gives you the ability to do more than one treatment per day. 

Set Up

In almost all situations Heat Assault can be easily set up by one person. The 460 ​volt ​electric ​bed bug heaters weigh approximately 130 pounds each. The Heat Assault heat exchangers weigh approximately 50 pounds and can be maneuvered comfortably by a single individual. 

Operating Cost

The Heat Assault 600X is comparably priced to the standard electric package ​that includes a John Deere 60kW generator with six 460V ​electric ​bed ​bug ​heaters. However, due to conventional electric units' lack of power and heavy weight it takes longer to complete treatments and requires more staff members to operate. This results in a higher cost-per-treatment compared to Heat Assault. 


Heat Assault's forced convection technology and peak-output power ​enables you to complete treatments faster and more effectively ​​than with conventional electric units. More treatments per week means ​increased revenues. Heat Assault also requires less staff to operate resulting in lower per-treatment costs. Higher revenues and lower costs means more profit in your pocket.  
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