Heat Assault


  1. Open Heat Assault and Connect Return Hoses

    Open Heat Assault and Connect Return Hoses
    The Heat Assault unit is your power source and storage area. The tray system easily rolls out to expose the stored hoses and manifolds. Simply connect the return hoses to the unit and turn on the machine to get started.
  2. Unload the Equipment

    Unload the Equipment
    Heat Assault's equipment has been designed to be handled by one person. Once the return hoses are hooked up, it's time to bring the heat exchangers, manifolds and hoses into the treatment area.
  3. Dead Simple Equipment Set-Up

    Dead Simple Equipment Set-Up
    Our industrial strength hoses easily connect to the manifolds and heat exchanges, which facilitate the delivery of heat to the treatment area.
  4. Remove Heat Sensitive Items and Prepare Treatment Area

    Remove Heat Sensitive Items and Prepare Treatment Area
    Most household items easily withstand the heat, however, candles, chocolates, pets, plants, medicines, and stringed musical instruments should be removed. Final pre-treatment preparation includes opening drawers, opening closet drawers and moving furniture away from the walls. Finally, the remote sensors should be placed in the treatment area to ensure that kill zone temperatures are reached.
  5. Heat Assault vs. Conventional Electric Units

    Heat Assault vs. Conventional Electric Units
    Heat Assault reaches "kill zone" temperatures in less than half the time of conventional electric units. Heat Assault uses forced convection heating technology to create a uniform distribution of heat across the entire treatment area. Furthermore, Heat Assault's peak temperature output of 145°F ensures instant death of all bed bugs and bed bug eggs.
  6. Post Treatment Inspection

    Post Treatment Inspection
    Following the treatment, a quick visual inspection will confirm the death of bed bugs. Your customers/tenants will be thrilled with the speed and effectiveness of a Heat Assault treatment.
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