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3 Profit-Maximizing Tips for Pest Control Companies

February 20, 2018

3 Profit-Maximizing Tips for Pest Control Companies

If you are in the pest control business, then you know how serious it is to get the job done right. A couple of tiny bed bugs left behind can mean a repeat job in a matter of days. This can cause damage to your bottom line, your schedule and your reputation. It's critical to work effectively and efficiently to optimize your profits. Here are three efficiency tips for pest control companies:

Minimize your work and maximize your efficiency

When responding to a call, the key to optimizing profits is to minimize your workload without sacrificing effectiveness. Some pest control companies may use chemical treatments such as pesticides when treating a building. Though these treatments are common, there are a few reasons pesticides are not the best line of defense against bed bugs. For one thing, the toxic chemicals used for treatments add a level of risk for the building occupants and their pets. Another problem with chemical treatments is the amount of time needed for fumigation, impacting the amount of calls you can respond to in a day. If you want to be efficient, your goal should be to complete a job quickly and move on to the next one. The third and worst problem is that chemical treatments work on live bugs, but bed bug eggs often survive. Chemical treatments often take two or three visits before the bed bugs are eliminated. You don't want to be returning multiple times because the bed bugs have resurfaced.


When using a heat treatment system such as Heat Assault, you can zap all the bugs in one visit. This reduces your time on site and prevents the need to return to the location. In fact, the Heat Assault system brings the room to “kill-zone” temperature in only 90 minutes, which is three times faster than electric options. Heat Assault equipment is also capable of treating more than one property at a time such as in apartment complexes.


See our profit calculator to see the average revenue we've been able to provide customers. Input your monthly averages and see what a more efficient bed bug heater can do for you:


Profit Calculator 


Use equipment that is versatile

To remove bed bugs efficiently, you will need equipment that is both effective and versatile. Large, cumbersome, bulky equipment will weigh you down and slow down the job. Heat Assault offers a light-weight system and high-floor pump that one person caneasily manage. This allows you to send out just one or two people on a call, reducing overhead costs. Once set up, the system is versatile enough to treat multiple adjacent units simultaneously. This makes it possible to earn revenue from multiple jobs at the same time, a huge advantage over your competitors doing chemical or electric heat treatments.

Be present in the customers "panic" moment

When your potential customers are in the midst of a crisis, they need to find your services quickly and easily. They are likely in “panic-mode” and wanting to be rid of the problem right away. If your pest control business is hard to find, those prospects will call someone else. It's crucial that those in the multi-housing industry, as well as individual residents, know about your business and the services you offer. This requires a marketing plan that considers multiple methods of inbound and outbound strategies.

Some tactics that will be helpful in your business endeavor is:

1. Direct Mail (flyers)
2. Google AdWords
3. Inbound Marketing Campaigns with regular blogs
4. Website Content Creation
5. Social Media Management.

Your website will likely be one of the first things people will see about your business. Make it clean, crisp, easy to read on all devices, and welcoming. Even though you work in pest control, avoid posting too many images of vermin and insects on your homepage – it can be off-putting to your clients. Most importantly, whether you’re advertising online or in print, make sure all your contact information and offered services are easy to locate.


If you have thought about going into the pest control business, then collaborating with a business that is already established gives you the boost you need. Join with a partner who understands the industry and can offer a helping hand. Heat Assault doesn't just offer a product, we offer a unique partnership opportunity.


Connecting with us means you can gain a whole array of marketing services designed to get you started in your business.


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