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Bed Bug Treatments for Emergency Vehicles, Hospitals and More

January 9, 2018

Bed Bug Treatments for Emergency Vehicles, Hospitals and More

Bed bugs tend to be associated in people's minds with hotels and motels - places where lots of people sleep. However, bed bugs can infest a variety of high trafficpublic spaces and vehicles. It only takes a few bed bug eggs clinging to a person’s clothes to start the domino effect of infestation. As a result, public vehicles like ambulances, firetrucks, police cars and city busses are at a very high risk of becoming infested with bed bug colonies. If this occurs, the infestation can quickly spread from the vehicle into the facility.

Chemical bed bug treatments are not particularly effective at treating vehicles – a vehicle found to be infested can be pulled off the road for weeks at a time, reducing precious resources for the services we depend on. The harsh chemicals can also cause a safety hazard for drivers and passengers, even after the treatment has run its course.

Luckily, there is a safer and more effective option to keep these vehicles on the road. Heat treatment is the obvious solution for the job, but many electric or propane bed bug treatments have modules that are too big to fit in a cruiser or not powerful enough to kill bed bugs and their eggs in a timely fashion. Heat Assault has the power and portability to eliminate bed bugs and bed bug eggs from any location, controlling the spread of the infestation before they can reach public facilities such as hospitals, penitentiaries, firehalls, or even office buildings.

Other benefits of using Heat Assault as part of your property maintenance include:

1. Limit the Downtime with Quick Turn Around – Our convection heat technology can heat space twice as fast as a conventional electric unit. Heat Assault is also designed to treat multiple rooms or vehicles at once.

2. One and Done Bed Bug Treatments – Heat Assault can kill all bed bugs and bed bug eggs with just one treatment.

3. Human and Pet Friendly – No chemicals are used in the treatment, eliminating the risk of residual complications for emergency staff or the public.

4. Discrete branding – If a unit is purchased from us, you can ask for custom branding. (No logo, no problem.)


Hire or Own? What is right for your situation?

Emergency vehicles should be regularly inspected for bed bugs, paying attention to seat corners, the floor, and any compartments inside the vehicle. Bed bugs are very good at hiding. If possible, hire a company that inspects using trained detection dogs.

A company using a Heat Assault unit means no chemicals in the public vehicle and no down-time. Unlike chemical treatments, Heat Assault systems will also destroy bed bug eggs and will not damage the vehicle. It's best to prevent an infestation in the first place, but if it happens, a single heat treatment is all you need to get the vehicle back in working order.


Own a Heat Assault

If your facility is at a high risk for infestation or re-infestation, or if you can’t afford to lose time in the event of an infestation, please contact our sales team for unit options.


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