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Effective and eco-friendly bed bug equipment

December 7, 2017

Effective and eco-friendly bed bug equipment


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Bed bugs don't cause serious harm - but they cause irritation,annoyance, and social isolation (many people mistakenly think they are a sign of poor hygiene, which is not true). They are also considered one of the most difficult pests to treat.


The standard treatment for bed bugs is to wash and fumigate all bedding, treat or replace the mattress (mattresses are extremely expensive), wash or dry clean clothes and apply insecticides everywhere. There are a few problems with this.


First of all, there's the expense of getting everything washed or dry cleaned and the risk of having to replace stuff - including items of sentimental value.


Second, treatment requires the use of toxic chemicals, an added complication in homes with pets. In some cases, landlords ask people to temporarily vacate their unit - put everything in storage and stay in a hotel - because of the toxicity of the fumigation treatment. As surviving bed bug eggs hatch following the initial treatment, a follow-up service is often needed as well.


Third, bed bugs are good at developing chemical resistance. The two most common chemicals used to control bed bugs are bifenthrin and chlorfenapyr (the former is found in over the counter treatments). However, more than 25% of the bugs in an infestation are likely to survive a bifenthrin treatment, and doses have had to be increased to levels where they become dangerous to pets and small children. This also increases the amount of time you may have to spend outside your home, and the likelihood of having to spend several nights in an expensive hotel. High levels of chemicals can also be a risk to the elderly and to people sensitive to chemicals (some people can also be allergic to pest control chemicals).


Fortunately, there are answers. Due to the low effectiveness and higher risk of using chemical treatments, experts no longer recommend chemical treatment as a first choice for controlling bed bugs. Exposing the home to chemicals—sometimes repeatedly—simply isn’t effective enough to merit the hazards to the home.


When a family is managing the treatment of their home, the common wisdom has been that vulnerable items, like clothing and stuffed toys, should be exposed to the high heat of a dryer. The principle of heat treatment is simple: bed bugs and bed bug eggs cannot survive at a certain temperature. Today, the technology to heat treat an entire home is available as a healthier, safer, faster and more effective alternative to chemical treatment.


The Difference Between a Chemical Treatments and Heat Treatments


Heat treatment works through the operation of a specialized machine that uniformly heats every area of the infested home. Heat Assault, the leading brand of heat treatment systems, will get into every nook and cranny a bed bug might be hiding in without the use of chemicals. Modern heat treatment machines like Heat Assault use wireless temperature sensing to make sure the entire area reaches the "kill zone" temperature. The heat can get into wall voids and under the carpet and, unlike chemical treatment, it also kills bed bug eggs. Bed bugs cannot survive temperatures of above 125F; but to ensure only one treatment is needed, heat treatment is usually set to higher temperatures. Once the heat treatment is completed, people and pets can go return to the treatment area immediately. Heat Assault is also safer for the pest control professionals, as the technician is never exposed to harsh chemicals at any time. Heat treatments are also more effective than other non-toxic alternatives (freeze or steam) as they don't require any contact with the bug to work.


Will Heat Treatments Damage Personal Items?


Heat treatments do not damage most personal property - most electronics can stand heat to 160F. Alcohol, fresh fruit and ammunition will need to be safely stored in the freezer and all medications should be put in the fridge - but clothing, furniture, etc can remain. This also means that the clothing does not have to be separately treated, with the exception of clothing worn or taken outside the unit while the treatment is going on (which can be treated in the dryer).


Heat treatment is by far the most efficient way to deal with bed bugs, and can often work out to be the cheapest when factoring in costs like hotel stays, the risk of having to buy a new mattress, and the overall inconvenience of dealing with multiple chemical treatments. With so many benefits and none of the risks and inconveniences, heat treatment is in the perfect position to dominate the bed bud management market in just a few short years.




Heat Assault is the most powerful bed bug heating equipment on the market. Our 600X unit is capable of reaching temperatures of 145°F or higher, resulting in total death of all bed bugs and bed bug eggs in a matter of hours. You won't have to do the job twice with this type of power.​

Our equipment is 100% human and pet friendly, making it the safest bed bug eradication method that exists today.

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