Heat Assault
A Chemical-Free Solution

Heat Assault vs. Chemical Treatments

Chemicals have been a cornerstone of many integrated pest management strategies for decades, despite their ineffectiveness to kill bed bugs and bed bug eggs. However, the January 2016 study published in the Journal of Medical Entomology outlines how bed bugs have built up a tolerance for pesticides, so much so, they are becoming resistant to chemical treatments. You can read a summary of the academic study here.

Chemical Eradication is a Threat

Pest management professionals now have to use even higher amounts of harmful chemicals to kill bed bugs. This results in more rework for pest control operators and puts consumers’ health at risk. Until recently, no one realized the implications this type of repeated treatment could have.

Heat is an Eco-Friendly and Effective Eradication Method

Using heat to eradicate bed bug infestations is a chemical-free method and is 100% human and pet friendly. Heat Assault kills bed bugs and bed bug eggs in one treatment in a way that is safe for the pest control operator, the owners of the residence and any children or pets that call the residence home.

Back to Normal by the Evening

There is no waiting period required following the completion of a Heat Assault treatment, which allows residents to immediately feel comfortable in their home again. This piece of mind is simply not possible with chemical treatments or less powerful heating equipment.

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