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The one-and-done bed bug eradication solution

Heat Assault provides a consistently powerful heat treatment, which is approximately 3x more powerful than electric units of the same price. This gives your company the ability to treat multiple apartment units at one time as well as buildings that have a high square footage - best of all, only one person is required to run the machine in most situations.

The one-and-done effectiveness of Heat Assault results in no repeat visits to the property. This allows you to take on more jobs and eliminates the time and cost involved in warranty re-treatments. Most importantly, customers want their bed bug nightmare to end immediately. Providing a solution that kills 100% of bed bugs and bed bug eggs in a matter of hours will give you an outstanding reputation in your industry.

Heat Assault is the most eco-friendly solution to take on bed bug infestations. By offering a 100% green, people and pet friendly solution, you give customers peace of mind and confidence in the safety of your product.

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