Heat Assault for Property Management

When bed bugs show up in one of your units or buildings, you need to act quickly. If the infestation is not treated properly, the problem can spread, creating a nightmare for both you and those who are renting from you.

When bed bugs strike in a tenant's unit, it's best to be ready with the most powerful bed bug heating method on the market. Heat Assault is a 100% effective solution that kills all bed bugs and bed bug eggs within a matter of hours.

Almost no preparation is required by the tenant when using Heat Assault due to the unit's forced convection heating technology . Forced convection heating ensures that a uniform level of heat is pumped to all areas of the residence meaning that clothing, bedding, crevices, baseboards and walls are all penetrated by the powerful heat.

Cut the costs and the wait times

Heat Assault is so simple and easy to use that only one person is needed to set up and operate the machine in most situations. Unlike chemical treatments, no training or licensing is required. This means that you can utilize existing staff to complete treatments, saving you the lengthy wait times and high costs involved in hiring pest management professions.

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